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Guidance, Inspiration & Accountability

Your Marvellous Mind is key to everything you do!  Do you know what to do...but still aren't consistently putting it into practice? Don't beat yourself up about it - get a personal trainer, for your mind!  We will work together for six weeks to punch it out and kick some mental butt by working out your mind daily, weekly and one-on-one AND creating action steps to managing your activities for your best results. 


The exercises you will learn and practice over the 6 weeks provide a life long mind exercise routine to achieve your personal best each and every day, continuously moving you in the direction of your dreams. Bring together mindset work, daily and weekly accountability, strategy and action and watch the magic happen!  

Weeks 1: Clarity & Inspiration * Warm Ups and Cool Downs

In WEEK ONE you will connect, or reconnect, with what you really want. You will link a short-term goal to your BIG GOALS for the future to start moving into action in the direction of your dreams.  Clarify your 6 week goal with absolute precision, focus in, and craft a written goal statement that also serves as an affirmation. Goal statement word-smithing provided to get it just right!

Weeks 2: Reboot & Affirm Belief * Isolation Exercises

What do you believe about your goal?  You will never achieve a goal you don’t believe you are worthy or capable of achieving, in both your mind and your heart.  In WEEK TWO you will isolate key beliefs that need to be weeded out of the garden of your mind.  You will reframe these with beautiful new beliefs and learn how to plant and nurture these in your mind.  As part of these isolation exercises you will also listen to who is speaking to you in the ‘centre of your head’ to eliminate the naysayers and build a team of supportive friends.

Weeks 3: Alignment in the Mind * Balancing Poses

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?  It is a secondary law to the Law of Vibration and connected to the Law of Cause and Effect.  In WEEK THREE you will learn about the role of your conscious / intellectual and subconscious / emotional minds and how to create alignment in your mind in order to create the results you desire.  Grounded in the short term goal set in Week One, you will identify actions on your ‘get to do’ list and learn tools and techniques to achieve balance and ease in your body, to go about your day with a calm confident attitude. 

Week 4: See It * Pumping Iron 

Learn the true power of your imagination and creating a movie on the screen of your mind through visualization.  In WEEK FOUR you will finally understand what and how to really visualize as a co-creative process for your future.  We will ‘pump iron’ and work out your imagination and inner vision to elevate your emotions and become truly connected to your visualizations.  

Week 5: Be It * Supersets

Powerful visualization leads to inspired action inside and out.  In WEEK FIVE you will move from ‘see it’ to ‘be it’ without rest, as a superset workout for your mind.  You will identify as element of your future, of your future self and BE that person in at least one small way every day.  So much more than 'fake it 'till you make it' - BEHAVE as are the person with the goal already achieved to build confidence, belief, and the mindset and energy of expecting success.  Rewire your brain and create new habits by building belief and generating momentum for your new normal. 

Week 6: Do It * Personal Best 

Ensure you are both feeling and presenting your Personal Best.  In WEEK SIX you will learn how to be in control of your energy and attitude. You will learn powerful techniques to stay in control of you, so that your success is a product of inside choices, rather than outside forces. 

How Does it All Work(out)?  Wherever you are, this Boot Camp will work for you!
We will meet as a group online, 1-1 by phone or video, and celebrate together! 


6 Live 60-90 minute Online webinars (also recorded for you)

lessons on the topic, exercise overview, 'get to do' action commitment, Q&A, on-the-spot coaching  

($2000 value)

2, 30 minute one-on-one laser coaching sessions

person check-in and support scheduled at key points throughout

($500 value)

Daily & Weekly exercises

daily exercises to shift your thoughts and emotions in the right direction for your success (10 min) 

weekly writing exercises to take the lesson further and apply it directly to YOUR goal (30 min)

accountability & tracking support

($100 value)

Optional week 7 in-person celebration 

gather as a group to connect, celebrate and plan next steps

(priceless...imagine the connections you will make!)

Investment: $795+HST 

If there was ever a time to up your mindset game, it's now!

"All the mind work I’ve practised with you is being put to the test.

I’m using it a lot (and I mean a lot!) to be the best me each day". Mary

"Last night was awesome.  I love your energy.  

You love what you do.  It was informative and fun and motivating. 

Thank you so much!" Kathy

Ready to get into action? Get ready to give your inner and outer game a workout for new and improved results! 

Join me for the 2020 Fall Boot Camp!