Guidance, Inspiration & Accountability

Holiday season – love it or not! – is just around the corner…

and you want to be at your best, for your family, friends, yourself AND your business.  

It can be a LOT keeping up with it all.  

Where does the drama start, and where can you take control? 

In your own mind… Simple, yes, but not easy.  


To help you get your inner game aligned with the outer results you want this holiday season I am very pleased to share my mini

3 week Holiday Edition of my Boot Camp for Your Mind. 

Set your intention, dig into and wrestle that big ugly self-sabotaging belief, and take calm confident action each and every day. 

Whether it’s preparing for a week with your in-laws, stressing about ‘the kids home from school and how will I get anything done’, or capitalizing on holiday shoppers for your sales, together we will get your inner game ready for the holiday season. 


We start the week of Dec. 2.  Limited spots for this edition of the Boot Camp. 

Weeks 1: Clarity & Inspiration 

In WEEK ONE you will connect, or reconnect, with what you really want for the holiday season. Set a clear intention and craft your affirmation of this intention in ways your subconscious mind and the universe understand. Intention word-smithing provided to get it just right!

Weeks 2: Reboot & Affirm Belief 

What do you believe will REALLY happen? Are you drawing on the past to predict the future?  You will never manifest your intention if you don’t believe in it deep down, in both your mind and your heart.  In WEEK TWO you will isolate key beliefs that need to be weeded out of the garden of your mind.  You will reframe these with beautiful new beliefs and learn how to plant and nurture these in your mind.  

Weeks 3: Alignment in the Mind 

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?  It is a secondary law to the Law of Vibration.  

In WEEK THREE you will learn how to stay in alignment, no matter what the external environment, to create the experience you desire. 

Learn tools and techniques to achieve balance and ease in your body, to go about your day with a calm confident attitude. 

How Does it All Work?  Wherever you are, this Holiday Boot Camp will work for you!
We will meet as a group online and 1-1 by phone or video, to learn and celebrate together! 


3 Live 60-90 minute Online webinars (also recorded for you)

lessons on the topic, exercise overview, action commitment, Q&A, on-the-spot coaching  

($1000 value)

1, 30 minute one-on-one laser coaching session

personal check-in and support scheduled at a key point throughout

($150 value)

Daily & Weekly exercises

daily exercises to shift your thoughts and emotions in the right direction for your success (10 min/day) 

weekly writing exercises to take the lesson further and apply it directly to YOUR goal (30 -60min)

accountability & tracking support

($500 value)

Investment: $395+HST 

Ready for the best holiday season every?

Give your inner and outer game a workout for new and improved results! 

Join me for this special Holiday Edition Boot Camp!

Limited spaces available for a Dec. 2 2019 start.