Happy Clients

"I just want to thank you for helping me achieve so much in 2019!  I really felt I got clarity and focus with our sessions :)  Reflecting on the year most things turned around for me once WE started working together.  I sincerely want to say THANK YOU for everything!" 

Lynn R. Toronto ON

I had heard great things about the Thinking Into Results program and Lisa Hardess. It and she, was recommended to me several times over a short period of time. Seeing as I was at a point in my life where I literally thought I was going bananas, I jumped in. And Lisa was there; not to throw me a life jacket but to teach me how to swim faster, better and stronger than ever before.


 Lisa is a mindful and thorough coach and I can’t express how much I look forward to our sessions. And I get up at 6am for them, so you know they must be worth it. THEY ARE!

Misli A., Vancouver BC

I have been a personal coaching client of Lisa’s for the past 9 months. What I’ve accomplished with her training and support has blown me away. She loves working with women entrepreneurs and understands the mindset and itty bitty voices that come into play. It isn’t only her extensive coaching and training background, it’s her infinite compassion, support and wisdom that I rely on – she is my champion and partner in my business success. All dreams are possible, and Lisa is helping me to make them happen! Thank you so much Lisa

Paulette D. Toronto ON

Lisa is an excellent speaker and very engaging.  She explains things very clearly and outlines the concepts well. 

I found the workshops very inspiring and I was encouraged to know that by changing my thoughts I would change many other aspects of my life. 

Very motivating and profound contents! 

Last night was awesome.  I love your energy. You love what you do. It was informative and fun and motivating. Thank you so much!

Corporate workshop participants